About Us

Our company is a leading supplier of Slovakian and European pellets biofuel with more than eight years of experience in the market.

We are a major supplier for the Italian market with an established network of wholesale, retail and freight transport throughout Europe.
We are able to reach every part of Europe with competitive pricing and blazing fast delivery times.

Our policy is to provide the lowest price through our experience and connections in international transports, without sacrificing raw material quality because we only provide certified products.

Euro Service & Trading s.r.o.
Sustekova 49
85104 Bratislava – SLOVAKIA

The Biomass fuel sector is a growing industry with a promising future, our society cannot continue on being heavily reliant on fossil fuels, simply because it is not sustainable and healthy for our planet, every time we rely on fossil fuels we keep destroying our planet.

Biofuels are the answer to the continuosly growing energy demand of our planet.
Everytime you choose biofuels instead of fossil fuels to satisfy your energy demand you help the planet earth, our planet.

So in substance why biofuels are extremely better?

– Because when you burn biofuels the carbon footprint is neutral, the result is the carbon that the tree absorbed during its lifecycle
– For every tree that has been cut to provide biomass a new one (or more) is being replanted to pursue a sustainable forest management
– When biomass is burned the emissions are not toxic because only wood is being burned, with no additional additives